Privacy Policy

1. Overview

CouponFan and its affiliates, divisions and groups (referred to hereafter as “Our,” “We,” or “CouponFan”) is committed to protecting the personal privacy of its customers, community and online visitors. We strive to follow the highest level and standards of fairness, integrity and privacy in all of our operations. CouponFan encourages users of its websites to participate in the self-regulation of the online venue and community, to ensure that responsible responders are able to use and enjoy this media to interact with consumers and share coupons. Our privacy policy will apply to this website, and any other affiliate or linked websites however accessed or utilized, whether through personal computers, mobile and handheld devices or through any other media device, including any interactive features, links, applications or downloads owned, operated, licensed or used by CouponFan or its affiliates.

Our website offers a variety of coupons, discounts, deals and specials, as well as product information, special promotions, coupons, advertising, special services and information on vendors, partners, principals and affiliates. We are committed to bringing and displaying coupons for use by the online public and strive to create a better environment for finding coupons online.

2. Information Collected from Website

CouponFan routinely and automatically collects information from its websites on our customers. This includes email addresses, names, IP addresses, referral websites, access times, home addresses and telephone numbers. By signing up of r, subscribing to, clicking on, downloading or uploading coupons, consumers may create accounts to participate in specials, coupons or discounts on the CouponFan website. On occasion, we may solicit feedback from the visitors to our website in the form of a survey, feedback form, template or questionnaire. The information collected by our company may include product preferences, demographic information, age, gender or personal interests. This information may be collected and used to offer better services to the consumers using and frequenting our website or affiliate websites.


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